The Rising Wave of Online Kabaddi Betting: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the world of online kabaddi betting with our extensive guide. Discover its history, how to bet safely, and maximize your chances of winning.

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Introduction: Kabaddi

Kabaddi, an ancient sport with its roots embedded in Indian soil, has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity over recent years. With this surge, the world of online kabaddi betting has expanded, presenting enthusiasts with a fresh way to engage with the sport. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a kabaddi novice looking to start, this article will guide you through the ins and outs of online kabaddi betting.

History and Evolution of Kabaddi Betting

Traditional Beginnings

  • The age-old game: Kabaddi dates back over 4,000 years and has traditionally been a prominent sport in South Asia.
  • Village bets: In its early days, spectators would make informal bets on local kabaddi matches, which were more about pride than monetary gain.

Understanding Six6s Online Cricket Exchange Betting in Bangladesh

Six6s is a website available in Bangladesh where users can participate in online cricket exchange betting. Users have the option of placing bets on different cricket events and are given various cricket markets and odds to choose from, providing them with flexibility to bet on their preferred teams and players. The manner in which Six6s works is by allowing users to place bets on diverse outcomes of cricket events including the prediction of which team will emerge victorious in a match, assessing the score of a team, gauging how many wickets a team will take, and several other markets.

Global Recognition and Online Betting

  • Pro Kabaddi League: The inception of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in 2014 catapulted the sport into global limelight. With more viewers, betting also got formalized.
  • Online kabaddi betting emerges: As technology progressed, betting shifted from the streets to online platforms, making it more accessible to a global audience.

Basics of Online Kabaddi Betting

Understanding the Odds

  • Odds reflect the likelihood of a particular event occurring in a match.
  • Higher odds indicate less likelihood, but more reward if it does happen.

Types of Bets

  1. Match Winner: Bet on which team will win the match.
  2. Top Raider: Bet on the player who will score the most raid points.
  3. Team Totals: Bet on the total points a team will score.
  4. Handicap Betting: Bet on a team to win with a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage.

Tips to Master Online Kabaddi Betting

Stay Updated with Player Forms

  • Knowing players' current forms can give you an edge when predicting outcomes.

Watch Out for Injuries and Team News

  • A key player's absence can drastically change a team's dynamics.

Explore Different Betting Platforms

  • Not all platforms offer the same odds. Shopping around can maximize your potential returns.

Safety First: Navigating the World of Betting

Choose Licensed Platforms

  • Stick to licensed and regulated platforms to ensure your bets are safe and you receive your winnings.

Set a Budget

  • Determine a budget for betting and stick to it. This keeps your hobby enjoyable without financial stress.

Keep Emotions in Check

  • Betting decisions should be based on logic and research, not emotions. Remember, betting is a game of chance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Kabaddi Betting

How do I start with online kabaddi betting?

Begin by selecting a reputable online platform, create an account, deposit funds, and you're ready to place your first bet.

Is it legal to bet on kabaddi online?

The legality varies by country. Always check your local regulations before engaging in online betting.

How are odds determined for kabaddi matches?

Odds are set by bookmakers based on various factors like team performance, player injuries, and historical data.

Can I bet live during a kabaddi match?

Yes, many platforms offer live betting where odds change as the match progresses.


Online kabaddi betting offers a thrilling way to immerse oneself in the sport. By understanding its history, the basics of betting, and prioritizing safety, anyone can navigate this exciting realm. Whether you're watching the game for its athletic prowess or the thrill of the bet, always remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the journey.